GARLIC Tincture, 2oz

A multi-talented herb in tincture form so that you can have all of the benefits of garlic without all of the intensity!
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Tinctured garlic is an essential for your herbal medicine cabinet- it is touted as the most potent and widely used herbal medicine in history.

Garlic lends many benefits to the physical body when consumed, but it also has a long history of being used for spiritual and energetic protection. Many cultures use garlic to ward off negative spirits and prevent illness.

What’s Inside?

Organic fresh garlic, organic ethanol, distilled water.


Adults- take 4-5 drops tincture daily in water/juice for preventive healthcare.

1-2 drops of tincture can be given to children at first sign of illness/infection.

For ear infection- swimmers ear (water-caused infection) drop 1-3 drops tincture in affected ear. For other ear infections- mix 2-3 drops tincture in olive oil and apply to affected ear, twice per day for 48 hours.


Kills intestinal worms, lowers total cholesterol (decreases LDL and increases HDL), antimicrobial (kills/inhibits bacterial and fungal growth), reduces possibility of infection, sepsis, and putrefaction.

Strengthens the immune system and increases number of macrophages (“germ eaters”) in the bloodstream. Effective for people with recurring yeast infections. 

Antispasmodic (combats cramping and painful spasms, particularly in digestive system), antiviral (fights viral infections), aphrodisiac, reduces gas and bloating, helps to expel excess mucus from lung tissue.

Helps body induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) of precancerous and cancerous cells. Can also prevent cancerous tumours from developing blood vessels.

Anti-inflammatory properties

*if you take NSAIDs, anti inflammatory drugs, garlic improves their effectiveness in relieving pain. This can in turn reduce the amount of medication you have to take!

**consult your healthcare practitioner prior to taking any supplement, especially if you are on medication

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