NOURISHING NERVINE Herbal Infusion Blend

A cup of calm. This blend will help you tackle stress and anxiety whenever it comes up, and wind down for a restful night.
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Nervines are a class of herbs intended to nourish and support the central nervous system. If there is anything I have learned over the last two years, when the world turned upside down, is that we NEED to do what we can to support ourselves and reduce stress levels. When our nervous systems are "locked" into sympathetic, "fight, flight, or freeze" mode, our immune systems are suppressed, we have poor digestion, and our bodies cannot heal and repair. The herbs in this blend are relaxing nervines- they promote a sense of relaxation and calm.

What's Inside?

Chamomile*, St. Johns Wort*, Skullcap*, Lemon Balm*, Oat Straw*, Lavender*

*Certified USDA Organic

Preparation + Dosage:

1.5tsp dried herb per cup of filtered water. Pour boiling water over herbs, cover, and let sit for 10-15 minutes for maximum effectiveness.

Try creating a ritual for yourself when consuming this tea. Prepare each step lovingly, and with presence. Put your phone down. Prepare your tea, sit down and take some deep breaths while you wait for it to infuse. Sip your tea slowly, feeling a sense of warmth permeating your whole body. Close your eyes and think of something you're grateful for! Gratitude + presence are the best medicine.

Get to know the plants!

Chamomile: used as a calmative for those under stress, relieves sleeplessness, anti-allergenic, anti-spasmodic (relaxes the muscles of the GI tract + uterus), improves PMS and peptic ulcers

St. Johns Wort: antidepressant, relieves anxiety, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, promotes a sense of relaxation, can improve the length of time that you are in deep sleep

Oat Straw: strengthens bones, soothes the nervous system, high in vitamins and minerals that nourish body systems, stabilizes blood sugar, prevents depression

Lemon Balm: relieves anxiety and insomnia, reduces skin and muscle pain, nourishes thyroid, helps with uterine cramps + IBS

Skullcap: relieves anxiety and improves mood, relaxes nervous tension, antioxidant, neuroprotective-protects against Alzheimers, dementia, depression and anxiety

Lavender: reduces headaches, relieves anxiety + insomnia, soothes stomach upset, reduces gas and bloating, improves yeast infections

*Consult your healthcare practitioner before consumption if you are currently taking any medications

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