Psilocybe + Vibe Microdoses

A sub-perceptual dose of psilocybin mushrooms used for boosting mood, creativity, and cognitive function.
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Microdosing involves consuming a sub-perceptual dose of psychedelics to experience their mood boosting and cognitive enhancement benefits. The dose is so small that there is no possibility of feeling any psychoactive effects, and yet the benefits are noticed by many.

Psilocybin mushrooms have a long history of human use. They are a sacred plant medicine, and have the capability of working with our bodies and psyches to facilitate breakthroughs and improve spiritual connection. They are to be used with respect and reverence <3

What's Inside?

Golden teacher mushrooms, vegetarian capsule

Options: 1 month $30, 3 months $25/month, 6 months $20/month


My microdose capsules contain between 120 and 160mg of psilocybin. A typical microdose is anywhere from 100mg to 200mg, so I decided to aim for somewhere in between. Each capsule is weighed to ensure that it is within the 120-160mg range, but there will be slight variations between each capsule.

It is recommended that you follow a dosing schedule for two reasons. First is to prevent building up a tolerance-- we want the medicine to work in small amounts! Second is that there are after-effects that are to be experienced...there really is no point in dosing daily because the subtle effects last for 1-2 days after.

The schedule that I adhere to and recommend is 1 day on, 2 days off. This equals out to 10 capsules monthly! Microdosing consistently (on this schedule) for a 3 month period is a great way to know how the medicine works for you. **Put your "dose days" into your calendar! I also recommend starting a journal or even a note on your phone and tracking your mood/productivity/creativity for a few weeks to notice any changes or trends for you. After this three month period I recommend taking 2 weeks to 1 month off of microdosing, and then re-starting with supplementation if you are feeling called.

Potential Benefits:

  • higher levels of creativity
  • increased focus
  • more energy
  • improved relational skills
  • reduced anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, and stress
  • heightened spiritual awareness
  • enhanced senses
  • may help treat addiction
  • helps with smoking cessation
  • can be used while tapering off of antidepressants to minimize or eliminate withdrawal symptoms

**Studies have shown that supplementation with psilocybin in conjunction with Lion's Mane mushroom boosts its nootropic effects-- improved cognition, memory, focus. It also basically helps parts of the brain that don't normally "talk" to each other to communicate, which creates new neurons and neural pathways! Add my Calm + Cool capsules to your order as they contain Lion's mane along with two other incredible herbs to maximize the effectiveness of your microdosing.

In my experience with a familial and personal history of depression, and having been on antidepressant medications in the past I can say with honesty that they didn't help me in the way that microdosing does. They certainly did a good job of picking me up from rock bottom, but they created a feeling of numbness for me. Numb to the painful experiences of life, but also numb to all of the abundant beauty that life has to offer. The incredible thing about psilocybin is that it works on a spiritual level to actually expand conscious awareness and improve feelings of purpose and connection to something greater. And when we operate from a new point of awareness, our whole lives change. The beautiful thing is that this expansion of consciousness can remain long after you stop taking the mushrooms. What kind of antidepressant does that??!?!

If you place an order for microdoses, include your email in the "notes" section. I will send you a short microdosing guide that I created to dive a little deeper and provide you with additional information.

Please reach out to me with questions, concerns, or feedback!!! Always here for you.


**it is advised by some medical professionals to avoid consistently microdosing while at the same time taking antidepressant medications because they both affect brain chemistry. There are other studies that say it is safe.

**psilocybin is an extremely safe substance. It has no side effects other than its psychedelic effects when taken in higher doses, and they last for a few hours before being excreted from the body. It has no toxicity, and is much safer than alcohol consumption!

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