SACRED BLEED Tincture, 2oz

This tincture is great to have on hand for a happy menstrual cycle! Reduces cramps/nausea/anxiety.
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Sacred Bleed Tincture is to be used during the menstrual cycle to prevent cramps, and make for a more efficient and pleasant cycle! Menstruation is a sacred time, a time to turn inwards, slow down, rest and restore. Cycle syncing (supporting each phase of the cycle through nutrition, lifestyle, and herbs) improves the health of the cycle, may improve fertility, and reduces instance of PMS/painful periods.

What's Inside?

Cinnamon*, ginger root*, chaga*, motherwort*, ethanol*, distilled water

*Certified USDA Organic


Take 30 drops in a little water or juice, 3x daily during the menstrual cycle

Get to know the plants!

Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory herb that aids in cramping, and also helps promote healthy blood sugar balance which is important for overall hormonal balance.

Ginger is another excellent remedy for cramps, and any nausea/digestive upset often associated with menstruation. Ginger works just as efficiently as ibuprofen (Advil) to treat menstrual cramps because it affects prostaglandin production, which constricts blood vessels and causes the uterus to contract (cramping).

Chaga mushroom is a wonderful mushroom that has anti-inflammatory properties, and is extremely high in antioxidants!

Motherwort is a uterine tonic, meaning that it strengthens and tones the uterine muscle. It supports more efficient bleed (if you have scanty periods, or bleed for longer periods of time), and also helps reduce cramps. Motherwort calms anxiety, and energetically feels like a hug from mom.

*Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to consumption, especially if you are on medications*

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