The Queen of Hungary's Water

This is a multi-use skin and haircare product that will blow you away with its gorgeous scent and host of benefits!
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This is another tried-and-true recipe from herbalist Rosemary Gladstar! This unique product is touted as one of the first "cosmetic" products made by the Gypsies! It has various uses including:

  • a facial toner: place a small amount on a cotton round or directly in your hands and use as a toner after cleansing and before moisturizing with Rosemary's Perfect Cream!
  • a herbal hair rinse: apple cider vinegar may help improve the condition of the scalp, prevent scalp infections, bring down the pH, and give hair a beautiful lustre! The rosemary in the formula helps to bring blood flow to the scalp which will maximize hair health and growth, and in combination with all of the other herbs is lovely for adding strength and shine to the hair.
  • an oral rinse: witch hazel can improve canker sores in the mouth, and some of the herbs in this formula are antibacterial and antiviral making it a lovely occasional mouth rinse! *do not use daily as concentrated vinegar can be hard on tooth enamel*
  • a headache remedy: it has been used in the past as a headache remedy! Try dabbing it on your temples, or taking a small amount (1 tsp) internally to find relief
  • an aftershave lotion: because it contains calming and also antimicrobial herbs, it is great for soothing the skin after shaving and preventing ingrown hairs, infection, and irritation
  • foot baths: I LOVE foot baths-- they are a super convenient and quick way to squeeze a little self care into your day, and our feet are super absorptive! So when we add herbs to a hot foot bath the body will absorb their properties and they will enter the bloodstream rapidly. It will also help dissolve dead skin and soften up those gorgeous feet of yours

Another potential use for this formula is to soothe bug bites! We are approaching mosquito season, people, so give it a try for yourself! It can't hurt! Maybe even adding some to a spray bottle and diluting with water for a bug repellent? The world is our oyster, baby.

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