Cycle Syncing 101

Many women are surprised to find out that we have four distinct phases of our menstrual cycle! This is why its called the menstrual CYCLE! And there are loads of things we can do to support our bodies through the changes it experiences each month, for a happier body and mind.

The health of our cycle is indicative of our overall health and wellbeing, so if you struggle with hormonal imbalance, conception issues, severe PMS, painful or irregular periods, your body is calling out to you for extra support!

Similar to the phases of the moon, we to go through a flow of energy throughout the month that serves a purpose that is greater than what’s happening hormonally. When we can tune in and honour the changing energy that accompanies each phase, we can experience greater flow in our bodies and our lives.

"When We can tune in and honour the changing energy that

accompanies each phase, we can experience greater flow in our bodies and our lives."

The good thing is that with some simple nutritional and lifestyle practices, along with specific herbal support during each cycle phase, things can improve quickly!

Let’s go through the phases of the cycle together. I will explain what’s happening in the body and how to support it with foods and lifestyle, and my chosen herbal accompaniments! Keep in mind that the days may not be accurate for you. A normal cycle is anything between 21 and 25 days that is consistent.

Let’s start with the phase we all know well- menstruation. The bleed.

Menstruation occurs on days 1-5 approximately. The uterine lining begins to shed as a result of decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone, and of course, a lack of conception in the cycle prior. Hormone levels start off low, and estrogen gradually begins to increase.

Think of the menstrual phase like the new moon. The dark moon. We are lingering in our shadows, not wanting to be seen. Our energy is at its lowest point on day one, and to support ourselves best we need to honour our energy. It is a time to tune inwards, reflect on the past month, and simply rest and recuperate. You may notice you withdraw from being social at this time, this is the reason! Honour yourself.

Nutritional support:

  • warming, easy-to-digest foods

  • complex carbohydrates + beans

  • high water content fruits and vegetables

  • iron-rich foods like seaweed, greens, fish, and pumpkin seeds


Opt for gentle movement like yoga or walking during the first 3 days, and then you can pick up the pace- and the weights! Estrogen levels are rising, and estrogen has an anabolic effect… use it to help build muscle.

Herbal support for menstruation:

Womb Love Herbal Infusion. Drink 1-3 cups per day to help reduce cramping, improve digestion, replenish lost iron, reduce bloat, and quell nausea. It also improves efficiency of the bleed.

Sacred Bleed tincture, containing cinnamon, ginger, chaga mushroom, and motherwort. These herbs are anti-inflammatory, help reduce cramping and bloating, improve digestion, boost immunity, regulate blood sugar, and improve cleansing (menses=cleansing).

Next comes the follicular phase, which technically begins day 1 of menstruation, and lasts until ovulation which is usually between day 10 and 14.

During this phase hormones, especially estrogen, are on the rise. The body is preparing a beautiful ovum to be released at ovulation, and the uterus is replenishing that thick, cozy lining for potential conception.

Creativity and receptivity are rising along with your hormones in this phase! Use it to your advantage by trying something new, or putting yourself out there in your business or personal life! A great time to set up a date- our animalistic tendency to seek out a mate prior to ovulation can be felt from within. Flow with it!

Nutritional support:

  • foods that metabolize estrogen such as cruciferous veggies, beans and legumes, sprouted and fermented foods

  • energy boosting dark leafy greens and juicy colourful fruits and vegetables


Movement can be whatever you want it to be during this phase! You have the energy for higher intensity, if that’s your thing. Book your HIIT or spin class, or try a new form of exercise that challenges you.

Herbal support for the follicular phase:

Womb Love Herbal Infusion, on repeat. Let’s be honest—it’s kind of a whole-cycle supporter. It’s going to continue to replenish your iron stores, and tone the reproductive system as a whole.

Follicular Friend Tincture, containing tulsi (holy basil), and schisandra. These herbs balance blood sugar, boost immunity, nourish the kidneys post-menstruation, reduce stress hormones, and boost energy!

Next up, ovulation. Days 14-16, on average.

Estrogen is at its peak, progesterone continues to rise to prepare for pregnancy. Testosterone remains high to increase libido as a signal that the egg is ripe and ready for some spermies.

Relate the energy of this phase to that of the full moon. Big, bright, beautiful. Eye catching and seductive. This is YOU! Ps. tell me you’ve noticed your gorgeously glowy ovulation skin…it’s almost unfair! Biologically speaking, you are your most fertile and your body wants you to seek that partner! This energy radiates and magnetizes. Connect with yourself and/or your partner!

Nutritional support:

  • Liver-loving foods: bitter greens, apples, dark berries and cherries, green tea, spices, and dark leafy greens

  • High-fibre foods: beans/legumes, cruciferous veggies, avocado, and psyllium husk…the more the merrier in this phase. If upping fibre, up water intake!


Movement is similar to that of the follicular phase- use that energy while you’ve got it! Anything goes. Intensity may support you if you’re not experiencing burnout.

Herbal support for Ovulation:

Revitaliver Herbal Infusion. Drink 1-3 cups daily to support liver function, detoxification, and energy levels.

Shatavari tincture or capsules. Shatavari boosts LH (luteinizing hormone) production for healthy ovulation. If you are trying to conceive take this supplement from menstruation until ovulation begins, and resume for your next menstruation.

Glow Tonic Tincture. Helps support liver function and boosts detoxification and digestion. Super helpful for preventing PMS and cycle-related acne.

Last but certainly not least is the Luteal phase. The Luteal phase is post-ovulation until the first day of your next period, days 14-28 approximately. I say approximately because every cycle varies slightly in terms of length. This is where tracking using various methods comes in handy.

After the release of the egg during ovulation, a corpus luteum develops around the egg that produces more progesterone. At the beginning of the luteal phase both estrogen and progesterone are high, and if the egg is not fertilized, the body is signalled and levels start to decrease. The body is preparing then to shed all that was built up over the last month, leading us back to menstruation.

Energetically this is the “get shit done” phase of the cycle. The brain is in a task-oriented state and it’s a great time to get the rather mundane tasks like organizing finances, scheduling, etc. out of the way while it feels easier!

Nutritional Support:

  • blood-sugar balancing foods like complex carbs, unprocessed fats like avocado, coconut, olive oil, olives,

  • serotonin-producing, magnesium-rich foods like leafy greens, quinoa, buckwheat, dark chocolate (women rejoice!), spinach, and pumpkin seeds

  • roasted veggies, beans and lentils, greens, spirulina, seaweed

Foods to avoid during the luteal phase (and all phases) are alcohol, sugar, processed foods, carbonated beverages, red meat, dairy, and artificial sweeteners.


Movement will start to slow down again, and it’s important that as your hormone levels and energy drop, the intensity of your movement decreases. Weight training, yoga, biking, walking, and lower-impact activities will be supportive.

Herbal support for the luteal phase:

Womb Love Herbal Infusion. 1-3 cups per day to reduce symptoms of PMS and prepare for upcoming menstruation.

Nourishing Nervine Herbal Infusion: 1-3 cups per day to combat anxiety or mood swings, improve sleep, and give and overall sense of calm.

Luteal Love tincture containing Chaste Tree Berry, also known as Vitex. Vitex lengthens the luteal phase (a short luteal phase may indicate future conception issues), boots progesterone levels, and reduces instance of PMS/PMDD. This herb is not to be used by women on hormonal birth control.

Glow Tonic Tincture supports the liver in detoxifying excess hormones, improves digestion, and improves skin health.

I hope you leave this blog post with a better understanding of your cycle and how to support it to improve your hormone balance and overall wellbeing month-to-month. We spend an average 40 years flowing through these phases, so it’s worth tuning into them and making them a positive experience. Magic will happen!

If you’re interested in any of the recommended herbal support, head over to my shop page! I have put together a cycle-syncing package with most of the recommended formulas, or they can be purchased individually based on your specific needs. Reach out to me for any questions, I am here to support you!

Loving you