Morning Cleanse Magic

If you're feeling called to adopt a new habit, consider making it this one. A clean body is a clear mind, and a clear mind makes magic!

I am a fan of a morning routine. I find that it sets the tone for the day, and if I spend it taking care of myself and being mindful of what goes into my body, I am more likely to carry that intention with me into the rest of my day.

I want to clarify something quickly, before getting into the morning routine magic. I understand that a high-fruit, low-fat lifestyle may not be where you are at in your journey. It may be asking too much of yourself, or putting pressure on you that you don’t need. We are all unique, and we all process foods differently. Certain foods may feel really good in some of our bodies, and not-so-good in others. It doesn’t matter what style of eating you subscribe to, but I believe that it is important to incorporate some gentle cleansing methods into your life. What I'm trying to say here, especially at this time of year when we can bite off more than we can chew and call it a "resolution", is to take it slow. To make changes that last, and that feel good in your mind, body, and spirit, we have all of the time in the world. No rush.

I have worked in the health and wellness sphere for long enough to know that most of us struggle with using food to avoid feeling our emotions, to some capacity. Many fear food and spend way too much time thinking about losing weight, halting cravings, or feeling bad about food decisions. That or we go through a few days or weeks of “healthy eating”, only to “fall off the wagon” and land back where we started. I lived like that for most of my life, and it consumed me. It prevented me from moving forward with my life and creating the life I wanted. Trust me when I say that most of the work is in strengthening your relationship to yourself and your values. Believing that you deserve it, and holding a higher standard for how you take care of yourself. The rest falls into place.

When making changes to your lifestyle in the name of wellness, intention is key. The intention that you have going into it will change everything. If your intention springs from insecurity or low self-worth, you will not experience the life changing ah-ha moments that make everything feel easy.

"If you do not work on your thoughts, and the way you feel about yourself, any changes you bring about in your life will hold you to that vibration. A vibration of not-enoughness. Things will continue to feel difficult when they have the potential to feel easy, to feel so aligned with you that you don’t know any other way."

If you do not work on your thoughts, and the way you feel about yourself, any changes you bring about in your life will hold you to that vibration. A vibration of not-enoughness. Things will continue to feel difficult when they have the potential to feel easy, to feel so aligned with you that you don’t know any other way. The goal is to work towards believing and knowing in your bones that you are worth taking care of. And for most of us, that feeling will start by putting more thought into what we feed our bodies.

The best way to start on this journey, that I learned over a year ago through Medical Medium information, is with this morning routine. The rest of your day is up to you- you can eat the way you usually eat. You can start out with this morning “cleanse” with the simple intention of starting your day on a lighter note. Encouraging the body to continue the cleansing that was occurring overnight, and keep things light and high-vibe.

Okay, okay. Finally getting to the routine.

First things first. Wake up, preferably with the sun. And don’t pick up your phone right away! Try and have the first light you see be the sun. This will encourage a healthy circadian rhythm, pineal gland activation, and a more mindful start to your day. If you can sleep with your phone in another room, even better.

Next comes tongue scraping. In Ayurveda, ancient Indian traditional medicine, they believe that “ama”, toxic sludge, accumulates on the tongue overnight as a result of the body cleansing itself. If you don’t know about tongue scraping and its host of benefits, find them here! To this day, still my favourite hygiene tool. Before anything, scrape some of that toxicity from your tongue if you can!

Next comes hydration. A great goal is to drink 16-32 (ideally 32!!!) ounces of filtered water, with added lemon or lime juice. I bought a lime squeezer from a kitchen store and it was a game changer. Anything that makes sticking to my routine easier is worth it to me. Squeeze half a lemon or one full lime into your water and start drinking! Try and finish this drink before getting your daily coffee or tea.

Hydrating before consuming food is important. When we sleep, our bodies are in hyper-repair mode. Those 6-10 hours are spent getting rid of unwanted toxins and cellular waste, repairing and regenerating tissues. Drinking water with citrus helps to flush those toxins out of the liver and prepare them for elimination! It also helps to rehydrate the bowels, softening stool and promoting healthy bowel movements. It's important to add the citrus, as it contains compounds that "structure" the water, so that it can be used by our cells more efficiently.

Fifteen to thirty minutes post-water, get your celery juice ready! Celery juice, as explained by Medical Medium, is a life changing healing tool for countless reasons. Some of them include providing the nervous system with essential minerals, cleansing the gut and eradicating harmful bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infestations, promoting healthy bowel movements, and improving appearance of skin.

Celery juice is tolerated differently by different people. In some cases, if you have a larger toxic load, it can cause loose stools or nausea. It is important to ease your way in slowly if this is the case for you. Start with 4 -8 ounces of juice and see how you feel. Work your way up to 16 ounces, and then to 24-32 ounces. Anything above 16 ounces can provide major healing benefits over time but GO SLOW! There is no rush. To read more about the benefits of drinking celery juice, check out this post I wrote.

If you have a blender, purchase a nut milk bag or reusable produce bag from your local health food store. Cut up your celery (1 head usually makes between 24 and 32 ounces of juice), add it to the blender and try not to add any water. Start blending on low, and the water from the celery will allow it to blend easily and quickly. Strain it through a nut milk bag and squeeze out the juice and you’re done! Don’t let not having a juicer stand in your way of incorporating this incredibly healing elixir into your routine. If you're not ready to dive straight into pure CJ, try a green juice or even water mixed with spirulina for some alkalizing.

15-30 minutes after your celery juice, or whenever your body is calling to you for food, turn to FRUITS! To learn all of the why’s behind why I recommend eating more fruit, see this blog post! Of any food, fruit is digested most quickly in our gut. For this reason, it is important to consume fruit on an empty stomach, and eat it alone.

Depending on how much time you have, or what your preferences are, you can eat whole fruits (slice up a few apples, eat a couple of bananas, make a little fruit salad, etc.), or blend them up into a smoothie! The key for the smoothie will be to use a base of water, coconut water, or fresh fruit/vegetable juice, nothing else. We don’t want to add any protein or fat into our smoothie because it will slow digestion in the stomach and cause potential digestive issues. In the winter months when cold, raw food may not seem as appealing, try stewed fruit- cooked fruit with some spices for added antioxidants and healing benefits!

Do not be afraid to eat enough fruit to feel satisfied. Fruits are for the most part relatively low in calories compared to other foods. Some of the smoothies I make, the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie for example (recipe on my Instagram feed), contain a lot of fruit! 2 bananas, 1-2 cups of wild blueberries, and orange juice! Fruit is not to be feared. But it is important to try to consume it away from other foods.

If you are an individual that is very sensitive to changes in your blood sugar, pair your fruit or smoothies with some leafy greens to slow down the absorption of the glucose into your system. Make learning more about your body and its cues an enjoyable experience. Try things out without expectations, just with an intention of learning what feels good for you in your body.

That concludes the morning cleanse! Tongue scraping, water, celery juice, fruit. Let it be that simple! Starting your day off this way will not only support your body in gently cleansing unwanted toxins, heavy metals, and waste, but it will start your day on a light and happy note! You will not be weighing yourself down with heavy, dense, low-vibrational foods that lead to a low vibrational energy. Sounds woo-woo, but remember that we are energetic beings. And being mindful of the energetic quality of our food, as well as the energetic quality of our thoughts surrounding our bodies and food can make a world of difference. I say that because it's been my experience. And I'm only at the tip of the iceberg myself! And enjoying each small step along the way.

Now, your work is done. Watch for the magic that is on its way to you.

Sending you all of the love! If you are interested in chatting more about detoxification, cleansing, and how this way of eating may benefit you please reach out to me.