How Eating More Fruit Changed My Life and Lifted My Spirits

Fruit really is king. It's juicy, tantalizing, hydrating and full of vital energy for our bodies. Some would argue that a mainly fruit-based diet is what's most natural for humans. We have been taught to fear fruit, but what if it can actually save us?

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram account for some time you’ve probably noticed my #fruitgasm stories almost daily. I friggin adore fruits. For so many reasons. So here is the blog post throughout which I will confess my love to these God-given creations, and give you a little back story on why I started consuming more fruit!

Even if you aren’t ready or willing to commit to a high-fruit, raw vegan lifestyle, I believe there is SO much to gain just from adding more fruit into your diet and I would love to share some reasons with you.

Why fruit?

"We must start to turn inwards and realize that what we put into our bodies becomes US. And any dis-ease that arises is a direct result of what we consume. It's not only a piece of the puzzle, it is the puzzle."

Let me start by saying that there is a logical reason, in my opinion, (and that of Professor Arnold Ehret and other experts), that we tend to crave sweet things. That babies and children will eat all of the fruit off of their plate before eating anything else. That so many of us have a “sweet tooth” that we try and control by eating more satiating fat. Some may argue that fruit and leafy greens are our species-specific diet. The way of eating that is meant for the human body. I understand how controversial this sounds, especially in a day and age where we are consuming more protein and fat than ever before. Protein powders and high fat drinks are the rage. Keto is everyones favourite word to describe themselves. But, we are also sicker than ever. Diseases are at all-time highs. We MUST start to turn inwards and realize that what we put into our bodies becomes US. And any dis-ease that arises is a direct result of what we consume. It’s not only a piece of the puzzle, it is the puzzle.

We are the only species that eats an extremely varied diet. We are also the only species that mixes together different foods, which isn’t really optimal for digestion. Our closest relatives in the animal kingdom are primates, and primates are basically fruitarian. They consume mostly fruits, with some leafy greens and herbs. Picture a gorilla- a huge, extremely strong, energetic, and agile animal. They have similar teeth to us, made for masticating plant matter. They also have similar hands, fingers that are expert at picking and peeling fruits. They eat one fruit, in large quantities, sometimes for months or years with very little variation.

How fruit behaves in the body

Fruit digests really quickly, and the fructose in fruit (fruit sugar), actually doesn’t require insulin to get into our cells. Diabetics have been taught to fear fruit due to its high sugar content, but fructose is not and should not be categorized with processed forms of sugar because it does not behave in the body the same way. Fruit is healing for every condition. Our body runs on carbohydrates. Glucose. Most people believe that our brains are primarily made up of fat- the reason that many people advocate for a high-fat diet- but in reality our brain is made up of glycogen, the stored form of glucose. SUGAR! The fact that fruit digests so quickly and is such a quick and easy form of energy for our bodies is a good thing. It doesn’t sit in our digestive tract for too long, putrifying and causing a buildup of plaque. It moves through with ease, leaving little to no residue behind at all. It’s okay if you don’t stay full for long after eating fruit. If you have to pick up another apple or two a couple hours after eating, that is more than fine! That’s ideal, actually. The ideal fuel for a car doesn’t leave the pipes all caked with residue, it burns clean. The ideal fuel for our bodies should do the same.

"Food is extremely powerful. If we consume mostly living foods, we will feel more ALIVE."

Fruit contains living, structured, clean water. These days, no matter where you live, you probably don’t have the cleanest and most pure water coming out of your taps. Chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, arsenic (yes, rat poison), remnants from medications like the birth control pill, and many more contaminants can be found in your average tap water. Now I understand that not all of us have the means to go out and buy a reverse osmosis filter for our homes, or a quality filter that gets out all of that garbage. Here’s where fruit comes in. Many fruits have an extremely high water content, hydration that is wrapped in the perfect package to be delivered straight into your cells. The more water-heavy fruits and vegetables you consume, the less icky, pineal-gland calcifying tap water you need to drink! A win in my books.

Good Vibes

Lastly, because y’all know (or will get to know) that I can go on forever, fruit has a high energetic vibration. I believe that we take on the consciousness of what we consume. Foods that literally vibrate at a high frequency (science has proven this), interact with our bodies and spirits in a way that you can only understand if you experience it. I personally found that when I started consuming more high-vibe, low density foods I felt lighter (physically but most importantly mentally), had more mental clarity and less brain fog, and felt happier overall and more universally connected. Food is extremely powerful. If we consume mostly living foods we will feel more ALIVE.

I hope that this post has inspired you to head to the produce aisle. Explore new fruits, there are zillions of varieties out there that will blow your mind. When you travel to a warm place, prioritize fruit on your plate. Give your body the vine-ripened goodness that I promise you, will LIFT YOUR SPIRITS! And connect you with the place that you're visiting.

Sending you love,

Jenna (WM)